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About Us

Greensboro Chamber of Commerce located at 342 North Elm Street

The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce was established in 1877 as one of the first groups of its kind in the state. It was formally incorporated in 1888 by Julius A. Gray who was then President of the Yadkin/Cape Fear and the NC Railroad Companies and became the first President of the Greensboro Chamber. 

Historically, the Chamber has worked to develop greater opportunities for the business community while cultivating a more vibrant quality of life in Greensboro. Many initiatives got their start with Chamber support like the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Teacher Supply Warehouse.

Today, the Greensboro Chamber is a member of the Greensboro Partnership, united with the Greensboro Partnership Economic Development, Entrepreneur Connection, and Action Greensboro to form a more powerful voice for business growth and advocacy, entrepreneurial development, urban livability, and economic development. 

We are dedicated to nurturing the growth and prosperity of our members and making Greensboro a better place to learn, earn, and live.