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Local Purchasing 101

The Chamber advocates for your business growth through educational forums such as our Local Purchasing 101 on local purchasing preferences and how to do business with your local governmental entities – Guilford County, the City of Greensboro, the City of High Point, and Guilford County Schools.  

North Carolina General Statute 143-129(b) & 143-131(a) sets the standards for awarding contracts, including local ones:

  • Informal and formal contracts must be awarded to the “lowest responsive, responsible bidder taking into consideration the quality, performance and the time specified in the proposal for the performance of the contract.
  • Contracts that are not subject to the competitive bidding laws can be entered into following any procedures the agency deems appropriate, and the Board is free to establish any award standard it deems appropriate, subject to only constitutional restrictions that prevent discrimination.

To learn more about how to do business with these local governmental entities: