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Other Voices

2016 Other Voices Class Graduattion

A diversity awareness and leadership development program, Other Voices encourages full and productive participation by our diverse citizenry in an open community forum.  

Through this annual 8-month (September through April) program, 20-25 program participants – in frank and open dialogue – will:

  • Examine the many forms of diversity and oppression affecting our community
  • Build their insight and understanding of the roots of prejudice
  • Experience how different viewpoints affect their quality of life
  • Share cross-cultural environments
  • Evaluate personal biases that play out in behaviors
  • Develop a vision for dealing with problems
  • Develop strategies to understand and eradicate prejudice and discrimination individually, at the workplace, and in the community

Download application and review other information using the links below:

Other Voices Application   PDF

Other Alumni List  PDF

Building On the Strengths of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce Other Voices Program ( PDF )

Other Voices Change Agent Award Form   PDF

Other Voices Change Agent Award Recipients   PDF

For more information contact: 

Joyce Gorham-Worsley
Vice President Leadership Development
Phone: (336) 387-8324

Lee Jeffers
Coordinator Leadership Development
Phone: (336) 387-8325