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The beauty of coworking is flexibility. That’s why we have plans designed to fit many different schedules. Whether you are a night owl or a early bird, we have a plan for you! We didn’t forget about students either; read on to discover what co//ab has to offer--chances are we have something that will appeal to you.



Just as the name implies, this plan grants unlimited access to co//ab. Members who sign up for this plan will be issued a key fob that will allow them to access the space even during non-business hours. This is great for someone who plans to host after-hours meetings, workshops, or work sessions. It's also great for people who don't adhere to a strict work schedule. Creativity and flexibility reign supreme with this plan.

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This plan is perfect for people who work a traditional full-time job, but need a space to work after hours. This plan comes with a key fob and access to the space after 5pm Monday through Friday and all day on weekends. Members who sign up for this option are encouraged to participate in any co//ab activities that take place during traditional work hours as well--coworking is about community, after all.

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This plan is perfect for someone who only plans to work during traditional business hours. Our doors are unlocked from 8:30am until 5pm every weekday. Members who choose this plan will be able to access the space during this time. This plan does not come with key fob access, but does still provide unlimited and free use to the conference room and classroom, respectively.
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Click here to sign up for this plan.
Only in town for the day? Still need a spot to work? We've got you covered.
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